Cemeteries of Hampton, New Hampshire

Table of Contents

General Information

Cemetery Records
All of the inscriptions from nine of Hampton's ten cemeteries
How To Do Local Gravestone Research
Read a guide to doing cemetery research in Hampton
History of the Hampton Cemetery Association
Compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
A Very Grave Matter
Website with inscriptions and photographs from many area cemeteries, including some in Hampton
The Cemeteries of Hampton
Hampton Union, November 27, 2007

Public Cemeteries

Pine Grove Cemetery, 1680-1834

The First Burials in Hampton, by Rev. Roland D. Sawyer, Kensington, New Hamshire
Pine Grove Cemetery Hurricane of 1954
Markers of the Pine Grove Cemetery, excerpts from a booklet published in 2000
Markers of the Pine Grove Cemetery, sales information
A Walk Among the Graves of Hampton, Atlantic News, October 5, 2000
Touring A Town's Grave Past, Hampton Union, June 27, 2003
A Poem: Pine Grove Cemetery, by Virginia Cassedy, The Hampton Union, November 2, 1944

Bride Hill Cemetery, 1782-1890


Ring Swamp Cemetery, 1800-1934

Inscriptions and photographs
Eagle Scout Project documenting the cemetery

High Street Cemetery, 1859-present

Stories about a new marker for the High Street Cemetery's first interment -- Lottie Akerman, who died in 1858
The Dearborn Monument, compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
The High Street Cemetery Tomb -- 1899, compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
"Babyland" in the High Street Cemetery -- Part 1.
"Babyland" Article Goes Onto The Town Warrant -- Part 2.
"Babyland" Fence Is Dedicated -- Part 3.
Trio Remembers Fallen Angels in "Babyland" -- Part 4.
A Look Into the Past, from Hampton Union, November 6, 2009

Private Cemeteries

Landing Cemetery, 1715-1727


Shaw Cemetery, 1713 or 1718-1858

Inscriptions and photographs

Batchelder Cemetery, 1823-1900


Elkins Cemetery, 1851-1893

Inscriptions and photographs

Sanborn Yard, 1829-1907

Inscriptions and photographs

"Ye Old Neighborhood" Cemetery, 1800-1933


Veteran Burials

Veterans interred in Hampton's High Street cemetery
Veterans interred in various Hampton cemeteries
Veterans interred in Hampton Falls cemeteries
Veterans interred in North Hampton cemeteries
Hampton Veterans interred in cemeteries outside of the area.