Fowler Pleads Guilty To Parole Violation

By Susan Morse

The Hampton Union, Friday, April 8, 2005

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

SEABROOK -- Raymond Fowler, 34, pleaded guilty to violating parole on Thursday during an appearance before the Parole Board.

Fowler, incarcerated since June, was credited with time served and will be eligible for release from state prison in Concord at the end of June.

The Seabrook resident found guilty 14 years ago of being an accessory in the Pamela Smart murder case will be back before the Parole Board on April 28, two months prior to his minimum release date, said board spokesman John Eckert.

Fowler, who had been free on parole for two years after serving 12 years on conspiracy to murder and burglary convictions, was put back in prison last June and charged with violating parole after he was charged with disturbing the peace in Salisbury, Mass.

A charge of witness tampering was later added in connection with that incident.

Fowler pleaded guilty to witness tampering in March, and was sentenced to one to three years in prison, with 263 days served credited. His earliest parole date on the charge is the end of June, said Eckert.

If released, Fowler will not be allowed back in Seabrook, said Eckert.

The Parole Board said, according to Eckert, "It's not in his best interests to be paroled back to Seabrook. (It would be better) to start over someplace else, and he said, 'I agree.'"

Fowler's case was heard before Chairman Thomas Winn, Cecile Hartigan and Donald Laroche. The parole hearing was delayed for two days because on Tuesday, Amy Vorenberg sat on the board and recused herself from the Fowler case, said Eckert.

Vorenberg's husband, Paul Maggiotto, was one of the prosecutors in the Pamela Smart case.