Editorial: Juveniles not named until declared adults in Derry murder case

The Hampton Union, June 19, 1990

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Three Seabrook juveniles have been arraigned and charged with juvenile delinquency in connection with the fatal shooting of Gregory Smart in his Derry condominium May 1, and Assistant Attorney General Diane Nicolosi said the state is seeking to have the three teens certified and then tried as adults in connection with the case.

If that certification is approved, one of the Winnacunnet High School students will be charged with first degree murder, and the other two will be charged as accomplices to first degree murder, she said.

The certification hearing must take place within 21 days.

No state law prohibits newspapers from publishing the names of juveniles arraigned in criminal matters, but Rockingham County Newspapers will not publish the students' names until they are certified as adults and charged in the case. We have decided to adhere to the practice of not publishing juvenile' names because juveniles should have the same right as adults, and as young people, they should be given every benefit of the doubt.

If the youths are certified as adults and charged in the case, then we will publish their names, as we do others who have been arrested and charged. In the meantime, they will not be identified in RCN publications.