Husband of SAU 21 Media Director Found Dead

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by C. Ann Ott

The Atlantic News, May 8, 1990, p.3

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]
HAMPTON -- Pamela Smart, director of the Media Center for School Administrative Unit 21, went home after the joint school board meeting last Tuesday evening to find her 24-year-old husband Gregory dead in their Derry condominium, according to Patti Wiser, Smart's secretary.

"When you're 22 (Smart's age), you live in a bubble." Wiser said. "Things like this aren't supposed to happen."

Monday, the couple would have celebrated their first anniversary.

"All I know is that - and this is what they're guessing - they believe he walked in on a robbery," Wiser said last Wednesday.

Gregory Smart worked for Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. in Nashua, and because Pam works in Hampton, they chose Derry as their home, Wiser said, adding that Pam's parents are from Windham.

Fred Engelback, assistant superintendent of business for SAU 21, called the death tragic. He said the wake was held in Derry last Thursday and he was not sure when Pam would return to work. The funeral was Friday at St. Thomas church in Derry.

Derry police reported that the death has been ruled a homicide and that Gregory Smart died from a single gun shot wound to the head. An autopsy was performed last Wednesday by State Medical Examiner Roger Fossum, police said, and Derry Police and the attorney general's office are continuing the investigation.

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