Eugene M. Leavitt Feted on 90th Birthday

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White House Sends Kindest Regards

The Portsmouth Herald, [1980]

[The following article is courtesy of The Portsmouth Herald]

THE 90th BIRTHDAY of Eugene M. Leavitt, long time Hampton resident and businessman, was recently celebrated as more than 50 relatives and friends paid tribute at an open house. Shown with Leavitt during the festivities were his two sisters, also of Hampton, Mrs. Ruth L. Palmer, center, and Mrs. Alzena Leavitt Elliot.

HAMPTON FALLS -- More than 50 friends and relatives gathered recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Knowles, Brown Lane, Hampton Falls, to help long-time Hampton resident and businessman Eugene M. Leavitt of Little River Road celebrate his 90th birthday. The surprise reception and party was given by his family.

Among the highlights of the day were the receiving of well wishes via a card from President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter.

Leavitt served the town as elected road agent for some time. He has been a farmer, contractor and businessman in Hampton his entire life. Leavitt was long known for his ingenuity. One of his past projects consisted of his own chain ice carrier which he constructed from an old Model T Ford motor and a chain bucket loader. This piece of equipment enabled him and his workmen to pack ice in his ice house on Woodland Road in a speedier and more efficient fashion.

Leavitt operated a large farm for many years and was known as an excellent teamster. He still works in his vegetable garden daily. Until very recently he drove trucks carrying loam and gravel and in the winter plowed snow. Even last winter many friends benefited from his plowing of their driveways during the winter months, often just to help them out. Children still drop by to visit him and to ride the pony in his barn.

Leavitt is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Leavitt who for many years owned and operated the boarding house and farm on North Shore Road known as The Willows. This structure recently burned.

Long time friends Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Quinlan composed the following poem on the life of Mr. Leavitt:

What words suffice this happy day
For one so strong in every way?
They broke you in a Yankee mold
Quiet and honest. But never cold.
You always find the time to chat
About the job or this or that.
And when you have the day's work done
Look forward to the rising sun.
So, Gene, our friend, steadfast and true
This birthday wish is just for you.
We wish for you with cheerful tears
Another happy ninety years.

[Editor's note: Eugene Leavitt was born August 13, 1890 and died December 14, 1987.]

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