Major Bowes and "Bill" Elliot

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[Unknown Newspaper], June 1937

Bill Elliot, Hampton, N.H., and Major Bowes
Bill Elliot, the "Singing Cop" of Hampton Beach, appeared on "Major Bowes Amateur Hour" broadcast June 10, 1937 and made such an impression that he was sent to join the Major Bowes unit now playing in the Metropolitan theater in Boston.

Hampton Voters Asked to Curb Noted 'Singing Cop'

HAMPTON, March 3 -- Steps may be taken by Hampton voters to prevent "Bill" Elliot, who has gained fame all over New England as the "singing cop of Hampton Beach," from using his police officer's uniform with badge, and insignia for commercial profit, according to an article inserted in the town warrant.

The radio signer's recent try at town politics brought to the fore the controversy over his appearance in full police uniform at out of town entertainments. Although the uniform itself is his own personal property, he is sharply criticised for wearing the police badge on his coat and the insignia on his hat as a means of carrying on his private business.

For a number of years "Bill" has served on the summer police force at the beach but in the winter months he devotes himself to his singing and original poems.. Last Thursday he was defeated by Selectman Elroy G. Shaw in a four sided contest for selectman at the Republican town caucus.

Selectman Shaw is also involved in the article that is aimed at Elliot. For two summers he has been employed as a full time police officer in addition to his duties as selectman and during the past winter he has substituted one night a week for Officer Percy Annis at the beach station. In regard to this situation the article states: "Be it resolved, that no selectman shall be appointed a police officer while serving as selectman and that the Hampton police uniform be respected and restricted from any use other than official duty."

Limitation of the political activities of police officers is sought in another article in the warrant. The proposed resolution orders "the selectmen to forbid, under pain of dismissal, all police officers whether regular or special whose names appear on the town payroll to spend any portion of their time or use their automobiles or automobiles belonging to the town for the purpose of bringing voters other than members of their immediate families to the polls to vote for any candidate, for any office ether local, county, state or national, or to vote for any other purpose."

Rising to his own defense, Chief Jerome F. Harkness insists that he has always used the sedan of one of the selectmen to bring voters to the polls and that he has taken his regular day-off on Tuesdays for this purpose. It is his contention that he has the same privilege as any other citizen to participate in political activities when off duty and not in uniform.

Bill Elliot At The Frolics Sunday

August 1938

In addition to the regular entertainment next Sunday, the Frolics at Salisbury Beach will present Bill Elliot, the "Singing Cop," in a selection of songs with Al Forest at the Hammond Organ. A fine program is promised on this night.

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