April Birthdays Celebrated

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16 Persons Enjoyed An April Birthday

Hampton Union, Thursday, April 24, 1958

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]
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Those attending the 25th annual April Birthday party at the Exeter Inn, Monday evening, [April 21, 1958] who were part of the original group which met in 1934, are pictured in the front row, left to right -- Mrs. Samuel Brown, Mrs. William Elliot, Mrs. Norman Coffin and Mrs. Leavitt Magrath, Standing are Mr. Norman Coffin, Mr. Samuel Brown, Mrs. Carl Bragg, Mr. William Elliot, Mrs. John Brooks and Mr. Leavitt Magrath.

Sixteen persons enjoyed an April Birthday party at the Exeter Inn, Tuesday evening, marking the 25th annual event of the group.

According to the records kept by Mrs. William Elliot, Dearborn Avenue, the first party was held at the suggestion of Mrs. Norman Coffin in 1934 when some of the residents of the Dearborn Avenue area, with birthdays occuring in the month of April, met at the Hotel Whittier for supper and cards.

It was interesting to note that the menu for the first party included a full course chicken pie supper at a cost of 50 cents!

Those attending Tuesday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Coffin, Mr. and Mrs. William Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Leavitt Magrath, Mrs. Ernest Underwood, Mrs. John Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Stanwood Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Bragg, all of Hampton.

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