Bill Elliot & John "Skip" Scott

Written by Wayne I. Elliot -- 2005

Photo by Louis DuBois

[Date of photo unknown]

L. to r.: John "Skip" Scott & Bill Elliot
[Year unknown]

"........ The person (on the left) is John "Skip" Scott. He passed away very recently. I believe he grew up in Portsmouth. He came to know Dad when Dad had finished his singing career over the Boston stations and was serving as a disc jockey and announcer on WHEB. Skip was always interested in radio. Dad had him on several programs many times during Skip's growing up high school years. At Christmas, Dad used to play Santa Claus over WHEB. Ethel Mann, whom you might remember as a local pianist from North Hampton, was Mrs. Santa Claus. Skip imitated Donald Duck and other characters. He went on to be a top radio announcer. He had a beautiful speaking voice ...perfect for radio (my opinion). He moved to Peterborough which is where he passed away. During the later years he was kind of semi-retired, I believe, but still worked for WBZ Radio in Boston for special broadcasts right up to the time of his death. Skip was a super person and he and Mom and Dad remained friends and in touch right to the end of both their lives."

"Neither (my sister) June nor I can recognize the occasion, but obviously it was some sort of a get together probably at the beach if Louis DuBois took the picture. WHEB had a reunion at Stratham Hill Park sometime back then which I believe both Dad and Skip attended, but this picture was taken inside."