Esilda Evans Corbin - May 2013 Artist

Painter Esilda Corbin was born in Italy.  During her formative years, she lived in Tuscany and Naples.  The rich historical and artistic background of her youth, seasoned with extensive travel and recurring visits to many of Europe's most important museums, had a major influence upon her artistic taste and development

When Esilda moved to New England, she found herself away from an urban setting for the first time in decades.  It was here that she discovered the deep impact that nature can have on the soul of an artist, and her works began to blend her urban cultural heritage with the majesty andbeauty of nature.

Esilda has served as a member of the City of Dover Arts Commission, is a member and former president of the Great Bay Art Association, and is an associate member of the New Hampshire Art Association.  Her work will be on display in the Weston Art Gallery in the Lane Room throughout the month of May, 2013.  Those with an interest in her work may contact the artist at Hesilda1(at)

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