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The Violin Maker's Daughter

The Violin Maker's Daughter Reviews  Borrow
By Sharon Maas. From Bookouture.
When the Nazis march onto the cobbled streets of Colmar on November 1st 1940, Josef, a Jewish violin maker, gathers his wife and daughters closely to him and tells them everything will be all right.

But one year later, three sharp knocks on the door at midnight turn his seventeen year old daughter Sarah’s world upside down. As the oldest child, Sarah must be the first to leave her family, to make her escape in a perilous journey across France via Paris to Poitiers.

A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying

A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying Reviews  Borrow
By Kelley Armstrong. From Puffin Canada.
(26 reviews)  
Monster hunting isn't for the faint of heart -- the first in a brand-new middle-grade series by NYT bestselling author, Kelley Armstrong.

Twelve-year-old Rowan is destined to be Queen; her twin brother, Rhydd, to be Royal Monster Hunter. Rowan would give anything to switch places, but the oldest child is always next in line, even if she is only older by two minutes. She resigns herself to admiring her monster hunting aunt's glorious sword and joining her queen mother for boring diplomatic teas.

A Whale of a Tale!: All About Porpoises, Dolphins, and Whales (Cat in the Hat's Lrning Libry)

A Whale of a Tale!: All About Porpoises, Dolphins, and Whales (Cat in the Hat's Lrning Libry) Reviews  Borrow
By Bonnie Worth. From Random House Books for Young Readers.
(22 reviews)  
Onboard a vessel that would make Jacques Cousteau green with envy, the Cat and Co. take to the high seas in search of whales, dolphins, and porpoises—those aquatic mammals known as cetaceans. While learning how cetaceans stay warm without hair, have teeth or baleen, swim in troops, spyhop, spin, breach, and see via ecolocation, kids are introduced to almost 20 different species—including sperm, right, humpback, and blue whales; Gulf, spectacled, and finless porpoise; and boto, common, hourglass, and bottlenose dolphins. A shipshape selection for summer reading!

Adventures in Flatfrost (The Kingdom of Wrenly)

Adventures in Flatfrost (The Kingdom of Wrenly) Reviews  Borrow
By Jordan Quinn. From Little Simon.
(21 reviews)  
Prince Lucas and Clara venture to the land of the giants and train Ruskin to control his fire in this fifth chapter book in the fantastical Kingdom of Wrenly series.

After a game of hide-and-seek, Prince Lucas and Ruskin are in trouble again. They have melted all the ice in the castle, and the king is not pleased. He sends Lucas and Ruskin to Flatfrost to fetch more ice from the giants who live there.

Black Rock Brothers: The Adventures of Wilder Good #5

Black Rock Brothers: The Adventures of Wilder Good #5 Reviews  Borrow
By S. J. Dahlstrom. From Paul Dry Books.
(1 review)  
Every boy has it in his soul to make the big trip.

Alone, into the wild.

Wilder feels the call after reading about an obsidian deposit on a forgotten bluff in the Spanish Peaks Wilderness. If he can find the glassy, black, volcanic rock, he’ll be able to replace his family’s most cherished heirloom. Wilder wants to prove that he can make the journey alone, but his parents make him bring his best friend Big, and a new kid called Corndog.

Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice

Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice Reviews  Borrow
By Julia Cook. From Boys Town Press.
(21 reviews)  
Isabella is a spirited girl who enjoys shouting out her thoughts, ideas and feelings. In fact, she loves using her loud voice so much; it's earned her the nickname "Decibella"! Young readers will be entertained as they see how Isabella learns the "five volumes" of voice and discovers that different situations require a different tone.

Disney Princess 5-Minute Princess Stories

Disney Princess 5-Minute Princess Stories Reviews  Borrow
By Disney Book Group. From Disney Press.
Each of the twelve stories in this collection is the perfect length for reading aloud in about five minutes, making them perfect for jam-packed days. This treasury stars all 12 Disney princesses, from Snow White to Moana, and features a padded cover and beautiful full-page and spot illustrations. The princesses' latest adventures are the royal choice before bedtime, story time, or anytime!

Enemy Pie (Reading Rainbow book)

Enemy Pie (Reading Rainbow book) Reviews  Borrow
By Derek Munson. From Chronicle Books.
(697 reviews)  
It was the perfect summer. That is, until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became neighborhood enemy number one. Luckily Dad had a surefire way to get rid of enemies: Enemy Pie. But part of the secret recipe is spending an entire day playing with the enemy!

In this funny yet endearing story, one little boy learns an effective recipes for turning your best enemy into your best friend. Accompanied by charming illustrations, Enemy Pie serves up a sweet lesson in the difficulties and ultimate rewards of making new friends.

Five Silly Monkeys

Five Silly Monkeys Reviews  Borrow
By Susie Brooks. From Cartwheel Books.
(1 review)  
With shaped pages and sound, these monkeys are a barrel of laughs!

"Five silly monkeys
were having fun one day,
Swinging in the treetops
and chattering away!"

Shaped pages allow children to count down the monkeys as they swing away into the leafy jungle. Every time the refrain repeats, kids will relish pushing the sound button, which emits a hilarious monkey call! With a familiar, catchy rhyme and illustrations that capture the joy of monkeying around.

Ghost and Bone

Ghost and Bone Reviews  Borrow
By Andrew Prentice. From Delacorte Books for Young Readers.
(2 reviews)  
A twisty middle grade adventure standalone for fans of Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow about a cursed boy who embarks on a journey into a magical city of ghosts to find out who he really is.

Oscar Grimstone is a normal kid—aside from his secret Curse. Whenever he touches something living, like a flower or his classroom goldfish, they always seem to die. But then Oscar discovers an even bigger secret: even though he is very much alive, he has the ability to transform into a ghost.

Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell

Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell Reviews  Borrow
By Illustratus. From Chronicle Books.
(1 review)  
A finger against the inside of a mirror... a wood where the trees look back... a basement door blocked by a brick wall so thick, it stifles the screams from below ... This original collection of chilling poems and tales contains the only true ghost stories in existence (as the book itself will tell you)—13 eerie encounters perfect for sharing...if you dare. Accompanied by striking illustrations and building to a truly spine-tingling conclusion, this haunting book will consume the imagination and keep readers of every age up long past their bedtimes.

Lullaby Moon

Lullaby Moon Reviews  Borrow
By Rosie Reeve. From Cartwheel Books.
(22 reviews)  
"Slowly we wander home, too tired to play, / Sun-kissed and happy from our lovely day."

After a day full of excitement, a parent and child mouse head home, knowing that the lullaby moon will shine down on them all through the night.

With lyrical text and cuddly pastel illustrations, this is the coziest way to ease into bedtime.

Moonlight Animals (Lightbeam Books)

Moonlight Animals (Lightbeam Books) Reviews  Borrow
By Elizabeth Golding. From Running Press Kids.
(7 reviews)  
Do you know what happens in the forest after dark? Now you can with a touch of the magic flashlight that reveals hidden creatures! Each spread appears to be dark, but once the flashlight is pointed, brilliant wildlife illustrations magically illuminate.

Readers of all ages will be amazed by this innovative paper technology—and no batteries are necessary! Every spread features a different nocturnal animal and it’s the reader’s job to locate the hidden images. To top it off, each page has an “Did you know . . .” section filled with amazing facts about nighttime creatures.

Moonwalk: The First Trip to the Moon (Step-Into-Reading, Step 5)

Moonwalk: The First Trip to the Moon (Step-Into-Reading, Step 5) Reviews  Borrow
By Judy Donnelly. From Random House Books for Young Readers.
(12 reviews)  
Illus. in full color & full-color photos. 'The story of Apollo II's historic flight, from lift-off, through 'The Eagle has landed,' to splashdown and quarantine. Donnelly does a good job of setting the stage with chapters on the history of the idea of flight to the moon, astronaut selection and training, and look at the flight's effect on people in general.'--School Library Journal.

Pilu of the Woods

Pilu of the Woods Reviews  Borrow
By Mai K. Nguyen. From Oni Press.
(338 reviews)  
Willow loves the woods near her house. They’re calm and quiet, so different from her own turbulent emotions, which she keeps locked away. When her emotions get the better of her one day, she decides to run away into the woods. There, she meets Pilu, a lost tree spirit who can’t find her way back home—which turns out to be the magnolia grove Willow’s mom used to take her to. Willow offers to help Pilu, and the two quickly become friends.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away Reviews  Borrow
From Cartwheel Books.
(27 reviews)  
Caroline Jayne Church makes a splash with this popular preschool song!

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY is already a well-loved preschool favorite. Now this board book with a full-foil cover will catch everyone's eye (rain or shine!) as Church's toddlers and stuffed animals are as adorable as ever in colorful rain gear.

A pitch-perfect song for rainy days, sunny days, or any day!


Stay Reviews  Borrow
By Bobbie Pyron. From Katherine Tegen Books.
(13 reviews)  
Fans of Pax and A Dog’s Way Home will love this heartwarming story of a girl living in a shelter and the homeless dog she’s determined to reunite with his family.

Piper’s life is turned upside down when her family moves into a shelter in a whole new city. She misses her house, her friends, and her privacy—and she hates being labeled the homeless girl at her new school.