Horses to Horsepower - Paintings of William C. Turner

Under SteamIf you look closely while driving along back roads, you can see abandoned trucks and cars in the woods, in dirt lanes, and in fields. They are the detritus of a former age, objects that have outlived their useful life. However, there is certain majesty in these discarded objects. It is this majesty that painter William Turner has captured and given a new life and purpose to our former companions.

The paintings of William C. Turner will be on exhibit in Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH during the month of October, 2013.  Turner paints the effects of time—the weathered look, the patterns of rust, the crooked bumper that have transformed what was a once useful tool into something now discarded because of newer editions.
Turner considers his paintings as portraits that take on human qualities. He says of his work: “Symbolically these machines take on a human-like quality: the bumper may be distorted into a crooked smile; the grill a bent out of shape nose; the headlight, sometimes broken, resemble eyes. Each one, like us is allotted a limited time to perform a mission and hopefully grow old with grace and dignity.”

Turner has a BFA from New Hampshire Art Institute and has served as an Adjunct Professor at Manchester Community College. His work has been exhibited throughout New England, New York and several national juried shows in which his paintings received awards.

The library will host an artist reception on Tuesday, October 15th at 6:30 for patrons who wish to meet with Turner and discuss his works.  The reception is free and open to all, with light refreshments provided by the library.

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