Seacoast Volunteers - help with shopping

Seacoast Volunteers provides FREE grocery shopping for seniors 60+, healthy or not. The website is at, and the contact telephone number is (603) 263-4799.

How it works

"We usually ask the senior to meet the volunteer at their local Market Basket, Hannaford, or Shaw's, since most of those grocery stores have a camera in the parking lot and the grocery store, for both the senior's and the volunteer's safety.

We ask that you both exchange license plate # and car description, for safety reasons, as well as helping you find each other. The volunteer will usually find the senior's car and with both the volunteer and the senior wearing masks and gloves, the senior will hand the volunteer their grocery list, with most important items at the top, and the estimated amount of cash. This is in case the estimated cash is not enough to cover the cost of the groceries - we can insure that the senior ends up with the most important items. Then, the volunteer will shop, and bring the groceries to the senior's car, bringing the change and the receipt, and place the groceries in the back seat for the senior.  We do ask that when you get home with your groceries that you continue wearing the mask and gloves while you clean each item before bringing them into the house.

If the person is not healthy enough to leave the house, the volunteer can stop by and pick up the list and cash, shop for the senior, and bring the items to the home, leaving them on the door step and contacting them upon arrival.

For those who use GATHER, we can get a list over the phone and shop for the senior based on both the senior's preference and GATHER's hours of operation. Those groceries are then delivered to the senior's home.

We can also do prescription pick up, as long as the pharmacy OKs the third-party pickup. Senior will have to make arrangements with pharmacy to confirm this.

All specific arrangements are made over the phone between the senior and volunteer.

Seacoast Volunteers was created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is made up entirely of volunteers,We are not officially a non-profit, and we accept NO DONATIONS, as this is temporary during this crisis.  The best way for folks to contact us and get a volunteer response is to use the website and include their request and phone number in the 'Contact Us' section."

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