Emergency Closure Policy

When severe weather, mechanical failures within the building, or any other emergencies occur, the Director, in conjunction with the Chair/Vice Chair or designated trustee, has the responsibility for deciding whether or not to close the library. If the Director is not present or available by phone, the supervisor on duty will contact the trustees and make the decision.

In the event of inclement weather, the need to close (tier 1 weather conditions) or open with a limited staff of 3 (tier 2 weather conditions) will be based on advice from local emergency officials and the weather forecast. The decision will be made by the Director in consultation with the Chair/Vice Chair or designated trustee. There will be a phone tree for staff and a message will be placed on the answering machine at the library and on the local television station.

If the Director or supervisor on duty is unable to contact the Chair/Vice Chair or designated trustee within 1 hour of the advent of an emergency situation, s/he shall be authorized to determine the closing. Attempts to notify the trustees shall be appropriately documented.

Mechanical problems causing a lack of bathrooms will necessitate a closure during hours when the Town Offices are closed, since there will be no bathrooms available for public or staff.

If the library heating or cooling systems fail, causing the temperatures in the library to go below 55 or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, for an extended length of time, the library may opt to close.

All employees scheduled to work during hours when the library closes unexpectedly shall receive their normal day's pay. Staff that opt to work during tier 2 weather conditions will earn equivalent vacation time in addition to their day's wage while other employees scheduled to work at that time shall receive their normal day's pay.

Staff who individually elect to stay home during emergencies when library has remained open must use sick or vacation time or forego pay.

See the library's Emergency Manual for specific procedures to follow in the event of an emergency closure. Approved 1/07; Revised 1/08, 1/09, 11/09